Thursday, January 03, 2008

Globalization: Inevitable? Yes... Good Policy, No!

It seems that Americans have fallen for one of the oldest political lies of all, that inevitability means we should join the pack. Yes, it is true the world is globalizing, and we stand to benefit if it is properly managed, but to suggest it is a positive policy goal to pursue it and to expedite it just because it is inevitable, is a fallacy.

By this same reasoning, if we truly saw that illegal immigration would inevitably result in irreversible job loss and wage reduction; therefore we should speed up the process? Absurd!

The same goes for globalization, if indeed, we can even separate them. To those who support this rush, globalization seems only a fair ultimate end in a world full of too many borders. To those in the middle class, who actually have something and want to protect and keep it, globalization presents a huge threat. Sure, the rich benefit, as they have no national vested interest; they are already diversified and multinationalized. What is good for these rich, is not good for the average American, or even the world as a whole. The poor are still as poor as the rich want them to be. There is no such thing as voluntary "trickle-down".

The fervor of globalization has several ultimate ends, all of which depend on one failed assumption, that increased worldwide consumerism, is good for everyone. Well, anyone can look around America and see that this is leading to our demise as the average household owes more than $10,000 in consumer debt and each of us is responsible for our fair share of a huge and growing federal debt under which our grandchildren must suffer.

American consumerism alone has pushed the Earth's natural resources to its limits and most agree it seems to have many irreversible effects on the environment. Global warming and human impact on it, is a scientific fact.

We already see that America's failure to seek alternative energies, has put us at odds with all developing nations as we compete for oil. Great for those who own the oil, terrible for anyone at the pumps. America's economy is delicately perched on its dependence on oil to feed and lubricate the workflow. It is the key to our productive output. Apparently, by design, we have become slaves to oil and politicians have done nothing about it, but to worsen it.

What happens as we globalize? China becomes wasteful consumers, just like America, Japan, and Europe? Some say, it's only fair they have the right to have what we have. I say the opposite. We should reduce our waste, not encourage theirs.

As oil hovers at $100/barrel, the average American just throws up their hands, giving up in desperation and fear, believing the lie that we can do nothing about it. But we can and everybody knows it. The question is, will we? My prediction is no; my hope is yes!

The first step is to recognize the lies the rich and powerful are telling us. The second is for so called "bleeding hearts" to stop killing us by hastening the expansion of consumerism in the name of "fairness". Finally, it is time for Americans to regain the thing that built this country, revolution. We must stop our fear of government and reinstill the fear of the people in the our politicians. They honestly don't fear losing their elections once they become incumbents. They have built a police state to guarantee they cannot be physically removed. They have imprisoned anyone who had the creativity necessary to oppose government, either by labeling them as "drug addicts" or by criminalizing other private activities. It is still illegal in many states to have sex in any position but "missionary." Wow!

On one hand, the rich tell us to be greedy, to consume more. That's best for the economy, right? On the other hand, some misguided "bleeding hearts" tell us we have too much, and we should volunteer to reduce our quality of living to allow and "equalization of wealth". Sounds good, but it is a lie. The only people bearing the burden of this equalization, are the poor and middle class. America's rich are getting richer, by a landslide while we have lost ground to the tune of 40% in 10-years, all things considered.

What to do?

  • Vote for someone who believes America should NOT be policemen and owners of the newly globalized world.
  • Socially revolt. Stop buying anything you don't need to actually survive and put up a tent on the capitol lawn until lawmakers take you seriously.
  • Demand your rights to control your own minds and bodies. Decriminalize drug use, thus freeing our minds. Protect a woman's right to control her reproduction.
  • Demand that those who come to America to find their dream, do it LEGALLY and in a controllable fashion, lest chaos ensues.
  • Finally, refuse to kill and to be killed for the protection and pursuit of money, land and resources. Protect others from their own ignorance by bringing them home from wars. They think they are patriots, but they are killing themselves for unjust policies of global expansionism.
America can lead this change by remembering we are a nation of leaders and a nation of laws. Rather than fiddle while Rome burns, our leaders can remember who they represent, and it's NOT the world; it is their own nation.

Duly Consider this!

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