Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tired Of Being Right About Your Leftism? Become Republican!

Become Republican!When Stephen Colbert said, "...reality has a well-known liberal bias," he really riled a few Republicans as they were called on there lies and pandering. But below, we find there is a solution to being politically correct; Become a Republican!

Various Timing/Interactive Flash---Enjoy!


Insideoutgraphics said...

Too funny. Accept Christ as your own personal weapon? I'm still cleaning off my keyboard and monitor with that one. But there is a lot of scary backward truth to the way Reps do business. Even though they are dwindling in numbers with each passing day.
Whoever created this is real good. I love it!Nice Job.

Makey said...

Only a person from the far left side of the issues, and life, could write something so far fetched as this. You got one side correct, the made up facts the libs generally spew and sputter. How could you have the republicans correctly respond to your insanity. You're a lemur, racing to the edge of crazyville. I am proud to be a conservative, and I can only find my own in the Republican party. It's not really about the party, it's about your beliefs and what you think is right! I've never seen so many hateful, disagreeable, make it up as you go along, Democrats. No wonder Joe Lieberman became an Independant!! His own party abandoned him. By the way, you don't have enough categories in the "decide which Republican you are!" I didn't fit into any of those 8 you offered. I wonder why that is? I figure it's your closed mindedness and hate of us that makes you "THINK" you know who and what we stand for. I don't hate you, but you Liberal Lefties surely hate me. Doesn't that say it all? I want less of the Government in my life, You my friend, want more. Welfare, health care, I NEED help everywhere and can't do it for myself in full dispair, is your Liberal Democrat Government. I've probably wasted my time writing this, but I sure do feel better! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

pretty funny, but kids are a republican thing? and porno isn't? hmm. Well, I'm a tofu eatin' liberal with 6 kids, and personally porno seems mighty republican to me...that whole using people for your own personal gain thing..but a man made this site so only goes to figure.

Dyna said...

Clearly these people believe their own propaganda. Dr. Goebbels must be smiling from Hell.

kalina said...

If a Democrat came across a Republican-made video as stereotypical and biased as this, I'm sure they'd be all over it for its horribly inaccurate portrayal of the noble Democrats. If the Dems are so hot to dish it out, they need to learn to take it.

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