Monday, October 16, 2006

McGraw vs Westmoreland Debate-Complete

This is the debate from October 11, 2006 between Democratic challenger Mike McGraw and and incumbent Lynn Westmoreland (R). If I do say so myself, McGraw shows us why Westmoreland needs to be sent back to his previous job; but you be the judge. This is unedited truth! Note the one with a heart, mind and middle-class credentials.

Mike McGraw for Congress

55 minutes


Anonymous said...

Mgraw, let me tell you, he sounds so full of bs. He talks about how corrupt washington, but thats all he talks about, and what is he going to do about it. Is Westmoreland corrupt? I think not

Editor said...

Actually, he is corrupt. He had a huge income increase as a result of his first election, and I don't mean the salary. He has abused his office. He and Sonny Purdue are taking advantage of their positions together here in Georgia. Oh, those land deals; If they had only made it to the newspaper before the election!

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