Friday, July 07, 2006

Sick Of Hearing About Fake Terrorists, "Hey, baby...I'm a terrorist...wanna have sex?"

I am so sick of my mother running over and telling me we have new terrorists. Something real happens in Iraq as they defend their nation against US occupiers and Americans connect the dots assuming they are coming here to attack us. Gaza has terrorists and people connect the dots and assume they are coming here, since of course, we have Jews too.

All of this incredible reasoning that leads to titillation and real terror (the kind Bush creates) is a result of ignorant people, bored with their lives and fearing those things that simply don't exist, any more than snakes and are out to get us when we go hiking, that bears are going to hunt us down and kill us in National parks, or that Sharks are going to come to the nations beaches and start eating the millions of unsuspecting swimmers.

I have no doubt the Toronto, Canada thing went like this:

1) Boy meets girl, live or on the internet.
2) Boy is attracted to girl because she shakes her ass.
3) Girl tells boy she is excited by "bad boys".
4) He tells here he is a "bad boy" in order to get laid.
5) He does or doesn't get laid.
6) She goes out and tells people that she met a "bad boy".

It is age old. Boy tells girl he's somebody exciting when the truth is he is nobody and he's boring.

If you go on the internet, you will find young, stupid boys standing in line ready to tell girls that they are willing to "Kill the President", "Blow up a famous building", or anything she tells him she is impressed by. I come across people on a daily basis that brag they are willing to start a violent revolution. Any policeman will tell you; each time there is an unsolved murder that is on TV, people stand in line confessing to crimes they did not commit, just for the attention. Watch Jerry Springer on TV and you will see these pathetic people everywhere. They just want to get their "15 minutes of fame".

If they all acted on these stated intentions, we'd all be dead. I mean, how many times has somebody said, "I'll kill you if..." Or "I'm gonna kick your ass"? Then nothing happens, unless of course, you say these things to a hooker in NY who has figured out a new game. Get boys to admit they are "bad boys", and then turn them into the FBI, who is waiting for something to tell their political bosses in order to get a pat on the head. These Haitian boys that told FBI operative, "Ana" that they would bomb the Holland tunnel in order to flood lower Manhattan, were little dumbasses trying to get laid, plain and simple. They obviously didn't pass or take Physics 101 or they would know water doesn't rise above its shoreline through breached tunnels any more than the beach is going to encroach on the land without provocation.

If these terrorists were real, there is nothing to stop them. How difficult is it to get a gun in the US and use it to pick people off from a building top or interstate bridge? If they want to blow up a boat in Long Beach, what is stopping them? If they want to set off a bomb, what is stopping them from doing it in a stadium, movie theater, or any public place? They are certainly easy enough to make and place and ignite. If they are real, they don't talk about it, they do it. And chances are, unless they brag about it, what are the chances they'd even be caught. People with fantasy desire and people with will and action are far apart. At the end of the day, these things are braggadocio and fiction.

What is real is the overreaction by an ignorant public which believes anything that looks like a good movie. What is real is the willingness of politicians to act on their knowledge of public ignorance and naivete. "Fear mongers" are alive and well and getting re-elected. The news is reporting it and selling a lot of advertising as they compete with similar fiction coming from the movies and internet. The fear is real. If there are terrorists, they have already won without blowing up anything. The sad reality is, the real terrorists are the politicians themselves and the news organizations that report their statements without appropriate scrutiny. Worse, the news organizations not only report them but hypothesize them to death by creating one graphic after the other propagating the false seeds of fear.

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Anonymous said...

Ill agree with you that a lot of sensationalism was added to the terrorist attacks that have occured recently. The "justification" of the war rode on the back of the hype that people were putting on terrorism and its threat to the world and a lot of stupid decisions were made and could easily be called political terrorism as fear was emphasized by politicians and the media every day.

But I think that large scale terrorist attacks take a little more effort than making, placing, and igniting a bomb. Attacks involving several terrorists and orginizations directing them from across the globe take a lot of coordination and with all those resources involved, it is difficult to keep it all secret. Someone tells a friend, someone sees something, it gets out. And when that information makes it to a place of authority, I would personally like to see it acted upon. Even if 99.9% of those claims and leads are hoaxes from people trying to pick up chicks, I would rather my tax dollars go towards calling them a hoax then scraping bodies off of the street. Weigh the two evils and tell me which you would rather see on the news, another annoying hoax that takes up hald a news time slot or another national tragedy.

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